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We have the chance to have Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself in a few silent and speaking movies. His works has been adapted on screen since his life time, and the total of adaptations is logically proportional to his huge amount of literary works. Most are Sherlock Holmes adaptations but some non-Sherlock Holmes stories like The Lost World or Rodney Stone have also been adapted since 1913.

Conan Doyle himself

Arthur Conan Doyle

See also Conan Doyle Speaking (1930 audio record)

Adrian Conan Doyle

Conan Doyle as a character

List of movies, TV movies, TV series episodes where the character of Arthur Conan Doyle appears

Year : Title (Actor for SACD)

Non-Sherlock Holmes stories

Year : Title (SACD original story) Main actor if saga

Sherlock Holmes stories

Sherlock Holmes is the character who has been the most adapted on screen and especially on cinema, and from the beginning of its invention. More than 160 cinema movies have been referenced. It's more than Dracula, Frankenstein, Napoleon or Jesus Christ. All this movies are not faithfull to the original Conan Doyle's stories and characters. Click on the titles to see detailed informations on each movie (casting, photos, posters...).

Sherlock Holmes as main character

Igor Petrenko as Sherlock Holmes
Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes
Richard Roxburgh as Sherlock Holmes
Christopher Lee as Sherlock Holmes
Vasily Livanov as Sherlock Holmes
Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes
Ronald Howard as Sherlock Holmes

Silent movies

Sherlock Holmes parodies

Movies where the main character is a detective with Sherlock Holmes ressemblances in outfit or name.

X movies

  • 1995 : Sherlock Homie (Sean Michaels as Sherlock Homie)
  • 1989 : Jack the Stripper (Mike Horner as inspector Neville Hollings) Des pipes pour Sherlock Holmes
  • 1976 : Sherlick Holmes (Harry Reems as Sherlick Holmes)
  • 1971 : The American Adventures of Surelick Holms (Larry Chandler as Surelick Holmes)

Sherlock Holmes appearances

  • 1944 : The Big Noise (Laurel & Hardy with calabash and deerstalker)
  • 1943 : Crazy House (Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce in cameo)
  • 1942 : Who Done It? (Abbot and Costello appear disguised as SH)
  • 1939 : The Arsenal Stadium Mystery (Leslie Banks disguised as SH)
  • 1939 : The Gracie Allen Murder Case (Gracie Allen disguised as SH)
  • 1939 : Midnight Shadow (R. Bates & J. Lingley disguised as SH)
  • 1939 : We Want our Mummy (Curly Howard, Larry Fine & Moe Howard with deerstalkers and pipes)
  • 1938 : Hide and Shriek (Carl Switzer with deerstalker)
  • 1938 : The Lady Vanishes (Michael Redgrave disguised as SH)
  • 1937 : Public Cowboy No. 1 (Smiley Burnette disguised as SH)
  • 1935 : Star of Midnight (v.f. : Monsieur Sherlock et Madame Holmes)
  • 1935 : Duck Soup (Marx Bothers disguised as SH)
  • 1933 : The Radio Murder Mystery (R. Gordon & L. Lovell as SH & W)
  • 1933 : Lost in Limehouse (Olaf Hytten as Sheerluck Jones)
  • 1932 : Lel√≠ńćek ve sluŇĺb√°ch Sherlocka Holmesa (Martin Fric as SH)
  • 1931 : The Stolen Jools (Maurice Chevalier disguised as SH)
  • 1927 : Do Detectives Think? (Oliver Hardy as Sherlock Pinkham)
  • 1924 : Sherlock's Home
  • 1924 : The Mysterious Mystery! (Mickey Daniels disguised as SH)
  • 1923 : √önos Bank√©re Fuxe (Eman Fiala as Sherlock Holmes II)
  • 1922 : The Jazz Hounds (Lawrence Chenault disguised as SH)
  • 1921 : Saetta piu forte di Sherlock Holmes (Eugenio d'Endremond?)
  • 1918 : A Black Sherlock Holmes (Sam Robinson as Knick Carter)
  • 1918 : Midnight Trail (William Russell disguised as SH)
  • 1918 : Den firbenede Sherlock Holmes (nothing holmesian but the title)
  • 1914 : Shorty and Sherlock Holmes (Directed by Jay Hunt)
  • 1913 : Piu forte che Sherlock Holmes
  • 1912 : The Pipe (Marshall P. Wilder as Sherlie Holmes)
  • 1911 : Tom, Sherlock Holmes gelehriger Sch√ľler
  • 1911 : Ein Fall f√ľr Sherlock Holmes
  • 1911 : Zigomar (Paulin Broquet as Sherlock Holmes)
  • 1909 : Three-Fingered Kate series (Charles Calvert as Sheerluck Finch)

Aborted projects

Movies announced but never shot

  • 2014 : Lords of Magic (Matt Butcher rumored)
  • 2012 : Gnomeo & Juliet: Sherlock Gnomes TV
  • 2010 : Sherlock Holmes (Sacha Baron Cohen) by Ethan Coen
  • 2010 : Les aventures du Brigadier G√©rard (Steve Carell as Etienne Gerard)
  • 2009 : The Diamond Murderers (Simon Wilson) by Ashoke Viswanathan
  • 2005 : Sherlock's Secretary
  • 2003 : 221b Cause (Britney Spears)
  • 1976 : Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Golden Vampire (Keith McConnell)
  • 1976 : The Werewolf of the Baskervilles
  • 1976 : The Black Creature
  • 1976 : Tor-Men-Tor
  • 1974 : Murder(s) in Northumberland (Keith McConnell)
  • 1970s: Professor Challenger series. The Poison Belt (pilot written by John Hawkesworth but never realised)

TV Documentaries

TV Shows