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New Member for Whitechapel

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New Member for Whitechapel is an article published in The Times on 29 december 1916.

New Member for Whitechapel

The Times (29 december 1916, p. 3)

Alderman James Daniel Kiley was yesterday returned unopposed for the Parliamentary vacancy in the Whitechapel Division created by the resignation of Sir Stuart Samuel.

Mr. Miles Taylor had intimated his intention of opposing the Liberal nominee, but soon after Mr. Kiley's nomination papers had been handed in at Christchurch Hall, Hanbury-street. Mr. Taylor informed him that he had decided to withdraw. He shook Mr. Kiley by the hand and wished him every success.

Mr. Taylor stated later that he decided to withdraw because he read in the papers that Mr. Kiley would support the National Government as distinct from the Liberal Party. When he saw that he said, "He is good enough for me."

Mr. Kiley, who is a warehouseman, was formerly Mayor of Stepney.

Sir Conan Doyle has withdrawn from the contest for the Parliamentary representation of Edinburgh and St. Andrews Universities, as he does not wish to oppose Mr. C. N. Johnston, K.C. There will probably be no contest.