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The Sign of Four (TV movie 2001)

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The Sign of Four (2001)

The Sign of Four is a Canadian TV movie produced by Muse Entertainment starring Matt Frewer (Holmes) and Kenneth Welsh (Watson). Aired in 2001. 84 minutes.

This is an adaptation of the Conan Doyle's story : The Sign of Four.

The movie has some differences with the original story :

  • There is no chase on the Thames. Holmes kills Tonga with his poisoned dart.
  • Mary Morstan and Watson don't fall in love. Mary goes to India with Thaddeus Sholto at the end.




  • Director : Rodney Gibbons
  • Producer : Irene Litinsky, Pedro Gandol, Steven Hewitt, Michael Prupas
  • Screenplay : Joe Wiesenfeld
  • Music : Marc Ouellette
  • Cinematography : Eric Cayla
  • Film Editor : Vidal Béïque
  • Production Design : Jean-Baptiste Tard
  • Set Decoration : Diane Gauthier, Marie-Claude Gosselin, Claude Leclair
  • Costume Design : Luc J. Béland