Élémentaire, mon cher ! (play 2021 Le Creusot)

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Élémentaire, mon cher ! (2021)

Élémentaire, mon cher ! (Elementary, my dear!) is a French musical play, written by Alyssa Landry and directed by Ned Grujic, performed by École du Spectateur at L'ARC (Le Creusot, France) on 18 and 19 september 2021, starring students of the École du Spectateur.

London. In the night, a serial killer has struck for the third time. Each victim has been killed in a different way. They have in common a mysterious sign painted in red at the crime scene. Inspector Lestrade and Scotland Yard have no clue. Sherlock Holmes suffers from inactivity and boredom. Neither the murder story nor the case of the jewels stolen during the exhibition "Splendours of the Maharajas" at the British Museum are enough to distract him. Soon the killer strikes for the fourth time, and the murderer falls straight into Lestrade's hands. But is he the real killer? Sherlock is not convinced! Because this time, there is no corpse...! Supported by Doctor Watson, as well as his "Irregulars", Holmes embarks on an investigation throughout London.




  • 50ish students of the Creation choir of the École du Spectateur.


  • Director : Ned Grujic
  • Playwright / Lyrics : Alyssa Landry
  • Music : Thierry Boulanger
  • Art Director : Pierre Frantz
  • Choreography : Manon Finet
  • Costume Design : Chloé Jeangin