Министры и Сыщики

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Министры и Сыщики (Ministers and Sleuths) [1] or Сыщики и Mинистры (Sleuths and Ministers) [2] is a Soviet TV movie performed on 2 october 1969 on Central Television, starring Vasily Lanovoy as Sherlock Holmes.

This is a mix between the short stories: The Adventure of the Second Stain (from Arthur Conan Doyle) and The Augean Stables (from Agatha Christie).

In this TV play, Holmes played violin, Poirot recited Icelandic sagas and Watson read the Communist Morning Star.


  • Sherlock Holmes : Vasily Lanovoy (Василий Лановой)
  • Dr. Watson : ?
  • Hercule Poirot : ?


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  • Acknowledgment : Alexander Orlov.