Улыбка Шерлока Холмса

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Улыбка Шерлока Холмса (2017)

Улыбка Шерлока Холмса (The Smile of Sherlock Holmes) is a Russian show, written by A. Yakimovich and directed by Maria Lichkovskaya, performed at the Tver Theatre for Young Spectators (Тверской Театр Юного Зрителя) (Tver, Russia) on 27 april 2017, starring Victor Degtyaryev as Sherlock Holmes.

Description from the theatre : "And what if my mom and dad were small again, like me! That would be great! They could get away from their work and from their important affairs..." the small wizard thinks to himself. The show bring down a cascade of children's games, flowing one into another. But in the game, the characters learn to be honest, share and avoid conflicts. Through the game you can fall in love, you can discover something new in the world. Each child is a little magician.




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  • Director : Maria Lichkovskaya (Мария Лычковская)
  • Playwright : A. Yakimovich (А. Якимович)
  • Set Designer : Natalia Pavlova (Наталья Павлова)
  • Lighting Designer : Dmitry Zimenko (Дмитрий Зименко)
  • Choreographer : Nikolay Nasenkov (Николай Насенков)