Шерлок Холмс (TV play 2009)

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Distorting Mirror Theater (2009)

Шерлок Холмс (Sherlock Holmes) is a Russian TV play, written by A. Scheglov (А. Щеглов), included in the show Distorting Mirror No. 68 (Кривое Зеркало No. 68), performed on stage and aired on TV (RTR Planet channel) on 11 september 2009, starring Igor Khristenko as Sherlock Holmes and Mikhail Vashukov as Dr. Watson.

The show is a parody of the Arthur Conan Doyle's novel : The Hound of the Baskervilles (1901).


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  • Sherlock Holmes : Igor Khristenko (Игорь Христенко)
  • Dr. Watson : Mikhail Vashukov (Михаил Вашуков)
  • Inpector Lestrade : ?
  • Mrs. Hudson / The Hound : ?
  • Sir Henry Baskerville : ?
  • Mr. Barrymore : ?
  • Host : Yevgeny Petrosyan (Евгений Петросян)