Шерлок женился! (play 2018)

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Шерлок женился! (2018)

Шерлок женился! (Sherlock Got Married!) is an Ukrainian musical play, directed by Alexei Duginov, performed by the Roman Panchenko Theatre Company at the Theater and Concert Center (Kharkov, Ukraine) on 6, 21 and 26 march and on 25 april, 21 may and 4 june 2018, starring Vladislav Kulev as Sherlock Holmes and Konstantin Novikov as Dr. Watson.

Did you know that Sherlock Holmes was married? It's a scoop! In this witty eccentric comedy, you'll see what kind of curiosity the female inclination can lead to create problems, even in the family of a man like Sherlock Holmes. The innocent lie of his wife, which she tries to hide from her detective husband (which in itself is ridiculous), her breakfast at the restaurant with another man, turns into a grand deception. The patience of a jealous husband has burst! Everything is over! It goes away forever! But he will surely find this fool and scoundrel and "kill him like a dog"! Tell him that this "blockhead and rascal" was none other than Sherlock's best friend John Watson, the wife does not dare - the furious Holmes again will not believe her. All attempts to remedy the situation - only aggravate it. [1]


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  • Director : Alexei Duginov (Aлексeй Дугинов)
  • Producer : Roman Panchenko (Роман Панченко)
  • Music : Sergei Gorkusha (Сергей Горкуша)
  • Fashion Designer : Konstantin Ponomarev (Константин Пономарев)

  1. Loosely translated from Ukrainian official programme.