5 femmes et 1 tueur

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Cinq femmes et un tueur (2015)

5 femmes et 1 tueur - Sherlock Holmes sur les traces de Jack L'Éventreur (5 Women and 1 Killer - Sherlock Holmes on the Footsteps of Jack the Ripper) is a Canadian musical play written and directed by Jonathan-Hugues Potvin, performed on 9 & 10 april 2015 at the Grand Auditorium du Cégep (Victoriaville, Canada), starring William Beaudoin as Sherlock Holmes and Félix Lefebvre as Dr. Watson.

This student play was performed on 9 and 10 april 2015 at the Grand Auditorium of Cégep in Victoriaville (QC). More than 15 songs in french were performed.

The plot is about Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper.



  • Sherlock Holmes : William Beaudoin
  • Dr. John Watson : Félix Lefebvre
  • Mary Ann Nichols (Polly) : Meggan Renaud
  • Elizabeth Stride (Long Li) : Charlie Ramsay-Laroche
  • Annie Chapman (Dark Annie) : Marie-Soleil Allard


  • Director : Jonathan-Hugues Potvin
  • Orchestral director : Vincent Goupil
  • Set Decoration : Reine Bouthat
  • Choregraphy : Andréa Chouinard
  • Music : Emie Champagne