A Letter from Dr. Doyle

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A Letter from Dr. Doyle is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle first published in The Critic, New York, on 21 september 1895.

A Letter from Dr. Doyle

The Critic (21 september 1895, p. 189)

To the Editors of The Critic :—

I notice that you allude to my recent lecturing tour in America as though it had been unsuccessful. In justice to my most able manager, Major J. B. Pond, will you allow me to say that it was successful beyond all possible expectation, that I had crowded houses nearly everywhere, and that I could have easily doubled the list of my engagements. My remarks about American lecturing were impersonal, and I repeat that an English author should go there with the primary idea of seeing the country and the people, and that the making of money should be a secondary one.

Maloja, Switzerland, 2 Sept. 1895.