A Pot of Caviare (play april-may 1910)

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Ad in the London Daily News (22 april 1910, p. 1)
Ad in the London Daily News (6 may 1910, p. 1)

A Pot of Caviare is a British play in 1 act, performed at the Adelphi Theatre (London, UK) from 19 april to 6 may 1910.

The play is the second adaptation of the Arthur Conan Doyle's short story The Pot of Caviare (march 1908), and was published by Samuel French Ltd. in 1928, read the play here.

It had a great success as The curtain was three times raised at the conclusion of the piece in response to continued applause.

In april, the play was preceding The House of Temperley at 8pm in the same theatre, and in may it was succeeding it at 10:45pm.


Cast and review in The Era (23 april 1910, p. 15)