A Pot of Caviare (play september-october 1910)

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Ad in Evening Express (8 september 1910, p. 1)

A Pot of Caviare is a British 1-act play performed by Arthur Hardy's company in various Theatres in UK between 19 september and 21 october 1910.

This is an adaptation of the Arthur Conan Doyle's short story The Pot of Caviare (march 1908), and was published by Samuel French Ltd. in 1928, read the play here.

The play was part of a quintuple bill of 1-act plays performed each nights:


The Arthur Hardy's company included : [1]


  • 05-09- september 1910 : New Theatre, Cardiff
  • 19-23 september 1910 : Dalston Theatre
  • 03-07 october 1910 : The Marlborough
  • 17-21 october 1910 : The Kennington, S.E.


  1. It was the cast known for the other 1-act play A Question of Diplomacy.