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A Psychic Bookshop

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A Psychic Bookshop is an article published in Light on 24 january 1925.

About the opening of his Psychic Bookshop.

A Psychic Bookshop

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has carried out a cherished scheme of his own by establishing a Psychic Bookshop and Library at Abbey House, Victoria Street (Opposite Dean's Yard and close to Westminster Abbey). The Bookshop will be devoted entirely to the sale of Spiritualistic literature and its success will depend upon students of psychic matters turning to it for the books which they need. A large stock will be kept and all requirements carefully met. Sir Arthur appeals for contributions of old psychic books or duplicate copies for use in the new library. We learn that the premises should be ready early in February and that letters should be addressed to Mr: Monier-Williams, Psychic Bookshop, Abbey House, Victoria Street, S.W.