A Year of War

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The Glasgow Herald (2 august 1915, p. 10)

A Year of War is an article published in The Glasgow Herald on 2 august 1915.

The article includes points of view of several British people, including Arthur Conan Doyle, on the completion of one year of the war.

A Year of War

Below is Arthur Conan Doyle point of view only. See image for whole article.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle says:— Under the stimulus of foolish Zeppelin attacks and bombardments of watering places, with the murder of fishermen and merchant sailors, there has come a temper in this country which have never been seen before and which enables us now to bend our whole energy to the task without recourse to those methods of compulsion which are hateful to our conception of freedom. The result is that Great Britain will enter the second year of the war greatly strengthened in every way, with her Navy unimpaired, her Army ten times larger, and her people united in fighting to an absolute finish, cost what it may. That the cost will be heavy in lives and money no one doubts, but the end is as sure as to-morrow's sunrise.