An Explanation from Mr. Conan Doyle

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An Explanation from Mr. Conan Doyle is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle published in The Westminster Gazette on 11 august 1894.

An Explanation from Mr. Conan Doyle

The Westminster Gazette
(11 august 1894, p. 2)

To the Editor of The Westminster Gazette.

Sir, — I observe a criticism in THE WESTMINSTER GAZETTE of a book entitled "An Actor's Duel, &c." purporting to be by me. Legal proceedings having been commenced by me for an injunction to restrain the publication of the story called "An Actor's Duel" as my work, Mr. Dicks has undertaken not to further publish or dispose of such story as having been written by me until the action is finally disposed of, when the question whether I am the author or not will be authoritatively determined. — Yours faithfully,

12, Tennison-road, South Norwood, August 10.