Arthur & George

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Arthur & George

Arthur and George is a British TV mini-series in 3 episodes produced by Buffalo Pictures aired on ITV on 2, 9 and 16 march 2015, starring Martin Clunes as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Arsher Ali as George Edalji. 3 x 45 minutes.

Based on real events about the involvement of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the George Edalji's case. However, the series is based on the same title novel by Julian Barnes.






  • Kingsley Conan Doyle : ?


  • Director : Stuart Orme
  • Screenplay : Ed Whitmore
  • Production : Philippa Braithwaite, Trevor Hopkins
  • Production Design : Anthony Ainsworth
  • Cinematography : Suzie Lavelle
  • Casting : Toby Whale
  • Art Direction : Jane Broomfield
  • Sound : Mathew Knights
  • Cameramen : Roy Bell, Jay Polyzoides

Plot summary

In 1906, Conan Doyle is mourning the loss of his wife Louisa. Her death, after a long and drawn-out illness, has caused Arthur to slump into a guilt-ridden depression. Then his secretary Woodie comes across a letter from George Edalji, a young Parsee solicitor who has been sent to prison for three years for a crime that he claims he did not commit. George wants Arthur's help to clear his name. George was convicted in 1903 of sending poison pen letters and animal parts in the Staffordshire village of Great Wyrley. After being warned off by the very judge who presided over the trial, Arthur is even more determined to discover the true culprit. Arthur and Woodie travel to the country to visit George's family, where their arrival causes a bit of a stir. It seems that someone is intent on learning what they do and do not know.