Blue Mantles v. I Zingari

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Blue Mantles v. I Zingari is a cricket result published in The Sportsman on 10 june 1912.

Result was a draw.

Blue Mantles v. I Zingari

The Sportsman (10 june 1912, p. 1)

Played at Nevill Ground, Tunridge Wells, on June 7. Rain only allowed on thirty minutes play. Score:


  • N. F. Druce, not out ... 16
  • G. Elliott, c O. Scott, b Noel ... 6
  • S. L. Sassoon, not out ... 2
  • Extras ... 3
  • Total (1 wkt) ... 27

L. Sutton, J. F. Hope, F. D. Curtis, E. E. S. Malden, Sir A. Conan Doyle, S. J. Williams, H. Nicholson, J. H. Kelsey did not bat.

I ZINGARI: E. Crooke, Hon Brian Butler, Capt W. Payne-Gallwey, M. Crichton-Maitland, B. Cazenove, E. B. Noel, S. G. Taylor, C. P. Godden, Lord Francis Scott, and Capt W. G. Maxwell-Scott.