Blue Mantles v. West Kent

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Blue Mantles v. West Kent is a cricket result published in The Kent & Sussex Courier on 2 august 1912.

Result was a draw.

Blue Mantles v. West Kent

The Kent & Sussex Courier (2 august 1912, p. 4)

Played at Nevill Ground on Tuesday. Score:—

BLUE MANTLES. — J H Kelsey c Sub b M Bonham Carter 5; N F Druce c and b M Bonham Carter 85; Capt Desney Roebuck b Norman 33; S L Sassoon c Curwen b M Bonham Carter 3; Sir A Conan Doyle b Wilkinson 4; H M Braybrooke c Curwen b Hammond 20; G H Drummond st Watney b Wilkinson 2; R A Godden not out 25; E Elliott not out 4; H Nicholson and P Leo Faulkner did not bat; extras 7; total 188. Game abandoned owing to rain.