Brighton College v. Blue Mantles

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Brighton College v. Blue Mantles is a cricket result published in the Brighton Gazette on 6 july 1912.

Arthur Conan Doyle's team (Blue Mantles) lost.

Brighton College v. Blue Mantles

Brighton Gazette (6 july 1912, p. 3)

Rain at one time threatened to rob the College of a victory over the Blue Mantles on the College ground on Tuesday afternoon, as they required only eight runs to win when a downpour caused a stoppage at half-past four, and the weather outlook was so ominous that there seemed little chance of a resumption, but the Blue Mantles in sportsman-like spirit again took to the field with rain still falling, and the College hit off the necessary runs. The Blue Mantles, who played a strong tide, totalled 134, the highest scorer being C. Elliott with 33. P. Havelock Davies took five wickets for 48. Brighton College responded with 165 for seven wickets. A. R. G. Roberson, in his finely-played 57 not out, hit ten fours and two threes. Score :

BLUE MANTLES. — N. F. Druce c and b Murdoch 29; J. H. Kelsey b Havelock Davies 3; J. B. Dod b Murdoch 1; R. A. Broughton b Havelock Davies 12; W. H. Bacon c Dawbarn b Havelock Davies 13; Captain Disney Roebuck c Gardener b Havelock Davies 8; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle c Murdoch b Havelock Davies 12; C. Elliott run out 33; W. L. Sutton run out 0; E. B. Woollen b Murdoch 6; P. L. Faulkner c Cave b Dawbarn 6; Captain H. A. Douglas not out 2; extras 9; total 134.

BRIGHTON COLLEGE. — P. Havelock Davies b Roebuck 15; C. R. Shallow c Faulkner b Roebuck 24; A. J. Murdoch c Sutton b Roebuck 21; B. T. Gardiner c Faulkner b Roebuck 0; G. N. Dawbarn b Druce 5; M. Smith c Conan Doyle b Bruce 1; A. R. G. Roberson not out 57; A. D. Cave c Bacon b Conan Doyle 7; B. C. Williams not out 15; extras 20; total (for 7 wickets) 165.