Brook House v. Sussex Martlets

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Brook House v. Sussex Martlets is a cricket result published in The Mid-Sussex Times on 28 july 1908.

Arthur Conan Doyle's team (Sussex Martlets) won.

Brook House v. Sussex Martlets

The Mid-Sussex Times (28 july 1908, p. 8)


CRICKET: BROOK HOUSE v. SUSSEX MARTLETS. — After making the good score of 261 for seven wickets (S. S. Harris 15, F. A. Phillips, of Parkfield, Haywards Heath, 134, H. G. Blomfield 84, Sir A. Conan Doyle 9, and B. de la Bere not out 8) the Sussex Martlets closed their innings in this match — the visitors' first at Brook House — on Thursday. Seal took four wickets for 64 runs and F. H. Gresson three for 81. Brook House only got 136 (W. L. Knowles 25, Seal 18, L. Bailey not out 30 and R. Hodgson 34), S. S. Harris obtaining four wickets for 10 runs, H. L. Simms three for 54 and A. C. Somerset two for 22. Many fashionable spectators were on the charming ground.