Bryan Mary Julia Josephine Doyle

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Bryan Mary Julia Josephine Doyle (1904)
aka H. R. Cromarsh
(The Daily Mirror, 3 may 1907, p. 9)

Bryan Mary Julia Josephine Doyle aka Dodo (2 march 1877 - 8 february 1927) was the 9th child of Charles Altamont Doyle and Mary Josephine Foley, and the 7th sister of Arthur Conan Doyle.

The Christian name "Bryan" was dedicated to a friend of the family Bryan Charles Waller who helped their finances. The records for baptism shows "B. Mary Julia Josephine" which may indicate that this choice was not approved by the Church.

Middle names:

  • "Mary" is probably dedicated to her sister which died aged 2 in 1863, 14 years earlier.
  • "Julia" was dedicated to Julia Waller, the mother of Bryan Charles Waller.
  • "Josephine" to her own mother Mary Josephine Foley.

She wrote 2 novels under the pen name H. Ripley Cromarsh : The Episodes of Marge: Memoirs of a Humble Adventuress (1903) and The Secret of the Moor Cottage (1906). And also a volume of verse At the Waters of Strife (1918) under her real name (Bryan Mary Angell).




  • 2 march : Birth at 2 Argyle Park Terrace, Edinburgh.
  • 6 april : She was baptized at St. Mary's Cathedral, Broughton, Edinburgh.


  • April : She was living at 15 Lonsdale Terrace, Edinburgh, with her mother and brothers/sisters.


  • Late 1883 : Bryan Mary and family moved to Masongill, Yorkshire.


  • 16 december : She was witness at the Jane and Nelson Foley's marriage at Thornton-in-Lonsdale.



  • 11 april : Marriage to Rev. Charles Cyril Angell in St. Oswald’s Church, Thornton-in-Lonsdale near Masongill, Yorkshire.






  • 8 february : She died at 49 in hospital at Paulton, Somerset.
  • She was buried at All Saints Church, Dunkerton, Somerset.


As H. Ripley Cromarsh

As Bryan Mary Angell

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