Burstup Homes, Detective

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Burstup Homes, Detective is an American silent movie, produced by Solax Film Corporation, released on 19 february 1913 (in USA).

A bum detective undertakes to solve a mystery and gets many innocent folks into trouble.

First Burstup Homes movie in a series of 4.

Survival status: unknown.


  • Burstup Holmes : unknown
  • Mrs. Kane : unknown
  • Deacon Nyce : unknown


The Moving Picture World (15 february 1913, p. 718)

Burstup Homes, Detective (Feb. 19). — Mrs. Kane is working in her kitchen. Her ring bothers her and she removes it from her finger, placing it on the table. She completes kneading her bread and places it in the oven. Soon after she misses her ring. After a fruitless search she 'phones Defective Burstup Homes.

That great sleuth soon arrives and begins to gather clues. He finds a paint brush high up on the door frame, pronounces the odor of onions "a strange perfume" and then goes outside. On hands and knees he traces the winding steps of the grocery boy to a point where a gardener had knelt with a flower pot. He rises, takes ceremonious leave of Mrs. Kane, and later from his office writes the following:

"Dear Madam:
A thorough process of discrimination and concoction convinces me that your ring was taken by a tall red-whiskered man wearing a silk hat and given to religion, strong drink, and a strange brand of perfume. I shall proceed to apprehend the villain.
Burstup Homes."

The manhunt is then begun. Homes tries to arrest several innocent suspects and finally drags Deacon Nyce to the police station. The deacon and the above description are synonymous. Mrs. Kane is then 'phoned.

In the meantime that lady has discovered her ring in the freshly baked loaf of bread. She goes to the police station and causes the release of Deacon Nyce, and as a reward for his efforts, hands the loaf to Defective Burstup Homes.