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Claude King

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Claude King as Sir Albert Hastings in the movie Sherlock Holmes (1932)

Claude King (15 january 1875 - 18 september 1941) was a British actor who played several roles in Arthur Conan Doyle's adaptations :

Claude King played Sherlock Holmes in Japan on 24 january 1908 in the William Gillette's adaptation of Sherlock Holmes at the Yokohama Goethe Theatre by the Bandmann Co.

In 1909-1910 he played Captain Jack Temperley in the play The House of Temperley ; in 1910-1911 he played Dr. Watson in the play The Speckled Band: An Adventure of Sherlock Holmes with H. A. Saintsbury and O. P. Heggie as Sherlock Holmes ; in 1910 again he played James Ainslie in A Pot of Caviare and in 1932 he was Sir Albert Hastings in Sherlock Holmes with Clive Brook as Sherlock Holmes.