Conan Doyle Home Movie Footage 13

From The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia
Duration70 sec.
LocationBignell Wood
PeopleArthur Conan Doyle
Jean Conan Doyle
Adrian Conan Doyle
Denis Conan Doyle
Lena Jean Conan Doyle
Young man
Parrot & Dog

The 13th footage from the Conan Doyle 16 minutes home movie (Richard Lancelyn Green collection) shows several scenes of life with Arthur Conan Doyle in Bignell Wood garden.

First, Conan Doyle is sitting with his wife Jean with a relative, then his son Adrian joins them with their parrot. Then a close-up on Conan Doyle face while he says a few words to the camera. The next scene shows Conan Doyle standing with a young man, his wife and children (Denis, Adrian and Lena Jean). Then the young man and Lena Jean are playing with the dog. The footage ends with Conan Doyle and family waving good-bye to the camera.

Footage No. 13

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