Convent Scandals

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Convent Scandals is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle published in The Occult Review in january 1930.

Convent Scandals

The Occult Review (january 1930, p. 49)

To the Editor of the Occult Review.

Sir, — I am glad to have the assurance of Mr. Thomas Foster that stories of escaped nuns and the occasional scandals in convents "have been long since exploded." One would certainly not wish to counter false accusations against spiritualism by advancing false ones against our critics. But if it is really as Mr. Foster says then why these sad tales from those who have got out, why these prison-like walls, and above ail why this determined opposition to inspection? I am convinced that the Roman Church would be in a stronger position if these matters were open to public inquiry and that her true interests lie that way.

Yours faithfully,