Cousins of Sherlock Holmes

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Cousins of Sherlock Holmes (aka Cousins of Sherlocko) is an American silent movie directed by Alice Guy, produced by Solax Film Co., released on 1st january 1913. Black & White.

Survival status: unknown.



The Moving Picture World, 4 january 1913, p. 72
  • Jim Spike / Jim Nail : unknown
  • Edgar Carroll : unknown
  • Chief detective : unknown
  • Detective #1 : unknown
  • Detective #2 : unknown
  • Jane Ellery : unknown

Plot summary

The Moving Picture World, 28 december 1912, p. 1332
  • The Moving Picture World, 28 december 1912, p. 1332

COUSINS OF SHERLOCK HOLMES (Jan. 1). - The police are on the lookout for Jim Spike, alias Jim Nail, a dangerous highway robber, who has been working with more or less success without being apprehended. The chief of the detective bureau puts two new detectives on the case and enjoins them to be very careful in their investigations, and not to come back without landing the prisoner. The three detectives soon come upon Edgar Carroll, in whom they immediately see a striking resemblance to Spike, the crook. They shadow Edgar from place to place, and soon his life becomes one long game of hide and seek with the detectives. Finally Edgar consults his friend and they both decide to give the detectives a merry chase. Edgar and his friend dress as women and parade the streets in their ludicrous feminine attire. They flirt with the detectives and entice them away from their duty. They do not discover the real identity of their charming feminine companions until they accidentally come upon them one evening and see them leisurely, and with enjoyment, smoking clear Havana cigars. This shocking and unfeminine spectacle arouses their suspicions, but the boys are too clever for these cousins of Sherlock Holmes and, with the aid of an automobile, give them the slip, but the detectives eventually turn up again and arrest the masqueraders. However, they do not remain long in the police station, for the real Jim Spike turns up soon as the crook who tried to snatch Jane Ellery's purse on the ferryboat. Jane is Edgar Carroll's sweetheart, and she recognizes him. A few more complications arise, however, until Edgar and the crook are seen side by side and their likeness discovered, and the cousins of Sherlock Holmes see they have been misguided in their investigations.


The Moving Picture World, 11 january 1913, p. 159
  • The Moving Picture World, 11 january 1913, p. 159

"Cousins of Sherlocko" (Solax), January 1. - A burlesque detective story which develops into passably good comedy. It concerns mainly the resemblance between a crook named Jim Spike and the hero. The latter and his friend are shadowed by detectives and dress up in swell feminine garb. In the end the heroine of the story hales the real miscreant into court and succeeds in getting her friends released.