Dartmoor, Devil Dogs & Conan Doyle

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Dartmoor, Devil Dogs & Conan Doyle (2001)

Dartmoor, Devil Dogs & Conan Doyle is a British documentary directed and produced by Tod Grimwade (Carlton Television Ltd.), aired in 2001, narrated by Jenny Lane. 23 minutes.

The documentary explains how Conan Doyle had the idea with his friend Bertram Fletcher Robinson, and the origins of the legend of the Baskervilles.

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  • Arthur Conan Doyle : ?
  • Bertram Fletcher Robinson : ?


  • Philip Weller, chairman of The Baskerville Hounds
  • Donna Wotherspoon, sherlockian
  • Uwe Sommerlad, sherlockian
  • Peter Calamai, sherlockian
  • Mayumi Higurashi, sherlockian
  • Alan Lloyd, local historian

Other sherlockians

  • Jane Weller, Peter Hilton, Tanya Izzard , Jim Webb, Christine Munt, ...


  • Director : Tod Grimwade
  • Producer : Tod Grimwade
  • Camera : Logan Baird, Barry Davies, Matthew Gammage, John Pierre Newman, Chris Topliss
  • Sound : Steve Beech, Neil Harrison, Andy Hawley, Dave Morgan, Tim Stephens
  • Production Manager : Olwyn Goldsmith
  • Location Assistant : Claire Jones
  • Graphic Design : Dave Meadows
  • Dubbing Mixer : Hugh Snape
  • Editor : Suki Hughes
  • Executive Producer : Caroline Righton