Das Gefleckte Band (TV episode 1967)

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Das Geflekte Band

Das Geflekte Band (The Speckled Band) is the first episode of the German TV series Sherlock Holmes, produced by WDR in 1967-1968, starring Erich Schellow (Sherlock Holmes) and Paul Edwin Roth (Dr. John Watson). Aired on 1 october 1967 (Germany). Black & White. 66 min.

The story is very similar to the original one except some few minor details. For example, when Dr. Roylott is at Baker Street he bends a horseshoe instead the poker...

This is an adaptation of the Conan Doyle's story : The Adventure of the Speckled Band.

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  • Director : Paul May
  • Director Assistant : Ille Schröder-May
  • Producer : Joachim Glaser
  • Production Manager : Fred Ilgner
  • TV processing : Giles Cooper
  • Translation : Ruth Hammelmann, Hanns Hammelmann
  • Music : Rolf Wilhelm
  • Sound : Karl Marnach
  • Image Technician : Roland Freyberger
  • Film Editing : Ilse Barwich
  • Camera Operators : Dieter Naujeck, Otto Heinrich, Helmut Handschel, Karl Klein, Hanns-Jürgen Prechtl
  • Makeup : Fritz Hämmerling, Gerda Behrendt
  • Costume Design : Ingrid Bütow
  • Cinematography : Lothar Kirchem