Der Mann, Der Sherlock Holmes War

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Der Mann, Der Sherlock Holmes War (1937)

Der Mann, Der Sherlock Holmes War (The Man who was Sherlock Holmes) is a German movie produced by Universum Film (UFA) released on 15 july 1937 (Germany), starring Hans Albers as Morris Flint/Sherlock Holmes and Heinz Rühmann as Macky McPherson/Dr. Watson. 106 minutes.

The movie is not a pastiche, but a variation on the theme of Sherlock Holmes. The action takes place in a seedy Parisian palace where are living two detectives Morris Flint (Hans Albers) and Macky McPherson (Heinz Rühmann). They are an unlikely couple - Rühmann was as small as Albers was tall - both playing comedies and even singing songs...

These two detectives have the idea to pretend to be Sherlock Holmes and Watson, and investigate into the theft of a valuable stamp and collaborate with the French police. The fake detectives are of course very incompetent. They will eventually be exposed and prosecuted for identity theft. Until they are saved by the intervention at the trial by... Arthur Conan Doyle himself (Paul Bildt), who reveals to the judges that Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character he invented, which apparently the officials didn't know.

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  • Morris Flint (Sherlock Holmes) : Hans Albers
  • Macky McPherson (Dr. Watson) : Heinz Rühmann
  • Arthur Conan Doyle : Paul Bildt
  • Mary Berry : Marieluise Claudius
  • Jane Berry : Hansi Knoteck
  • Madame Ganymare : Hilde Weissner
  • Detective : Günther Ballier
  • Conductor : Ernst Behmer
  • Conductor : Horst Birr
  • Conductor : Gerhard Dammann
  • Chief of Police : Erich Dunskus
  • Gangster Fred : Angelo Ferrari
  • Erwin Wutzke : Lothar Geist
  • Detective : Aribert Grimmer
  • Freds Kumpel Billy : Harry Hardt
  • Ganove Peter : Clemens Hasse
  • Public Prosecutor : Edwin Jürgensen
  • Vangon : Hans Junkermann
  • Dieter Jean : Ernst Legal
  • Der lange Poll : Paul Schwed
  • Superintendent : Franz W. Schröder-Schrom
  • M. Lapin : Siefried Schürenberg
  • Railway Official : Willi Schur
  • Detective : Theo Thony
  • Hotel Detective : Ernst Waldow
  • Hotel Director : Erich Walter
  • Administrator of the Lombard-house : Heinz Wemper
  • President of the Court : Edward von Winterstein
  • Dr. Balderin : Walter Werner


  • Director : Karl Hartl
  • Screenplay : Robert A. Stemmle, Karl Hartl
  • Producer : Alfred Greven
  • Music : Hans Sommer
  • Cinematography : Fritz Arno Wagner
  • Production Design : Otto Hunte, Willy Schiller