Divorce Law Reform (10 december 1917)

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Divorce Law Reform is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle published in The Birmingham Daily Post on 10 december 1917.

Divorce Law Reform

The Birmingham Daily Post (10 december 1917)

To the editor of the Daily Post.

Sir, — Two letters have appeared in your columns criticising the suggested measure. It is a sufficient answer to both of them that the very moderate measure of reform which is demanded exists already in a more or less full measure in every Protestant country in Europe, in our Australian colonies, in Scotland (so far as desertion is concerned), and in at least two Catholic countries, Belgium and Bavaria. It has also been recommended by the majority report of a strong and representative Government Commission. How absurd it is then to represent, as your correspondents have done, that it amounts to a dissolution of the wedding tie! A cause must indeed be bankrupt of argument which is driven to such exaggeration.

Windlesham, Crowborough. Sussex.