Dr. Doyle Digs Up An Old Advertisement

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Dr. Doyle Digs Up An Old Advertisement is an article published in The Boston Post on 17 may 1903.

Dr. Doyle Digs Up An Old Advertisement

The Boston Post (17 may 1903, p. 27)

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle practised medicine before he began to write, and in one of his scrap books he has a newspaper advertisement that he cherishes because it shows well the low standing of many doctors in the eighteenth century. Sir Arthur clipped the advertisement from a newspaper of the year 1787. It reads:

"Wanted, for a family not blessed with good health a sober, discreet and steady person to act in the capacity of doctor and apothecary. He must often act also as a steward and butler, and occasionally dress hair and wigs. He will be required to read prayers, and sometimes, on wet Sundays, to preach a sermon or two. A good salary will be paid, and a preference will be given to such an one as, besides the above qualifications, can mend clothes."