Dr. Doyle and the Reform Club

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Dr. Doyle and the Reform Club is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle first published in The Daily Chronicle on 28 september 1900.

Dr. Doyle and the Reform Club

Sir, — I have just seen a letter in your columns from some gentleman who has omitted to sign his name, to the effect that I have broken the principles of the Reform Club by standing as a Liberal Unionist candidate, and accepting the support of the Conservative portion of the electorate. My impression was that the Reform Club contained as many Liberal Unionists as Radicals, and I am not aware of any regulation which prevents those members from standing for Parliament and accepting such support as they can get. Should there be, as your anonymous correspondent suggests, any such rule, I should, of course, accept the decision of the Club committee upon the point.

Yours faithfully

Sept. 27