Dr. Thomson's Team v. Dr Law's Eleven

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Dr. Thomson's Team v. Dr Law's Eleven is a cricket score result published in The Eastern Daily Press on 3 august 1893.

Arthur Conan Doyle's team (Dr. Thomson's XI) won.

Dr. Thomson's Team v. Dr Law's Eleven

The Eastern Daily Press (3 august 1893, p. 6)

Played at Thorpe Asylum on July 27th, and resulted in a win for Dr. Thomson's Eleven. Dr. A. Conan Doyle played for Dr. Thomson's side, and his bowling was simply unplayable. In the second innings he did the "hat trick," besides taking eight wickets for 9 runs.

Dr. Thomson's ElevenDr. A. Conan Doyle 12, Major Cotter 12, Dr. Thompson 9, Wilson 15, Pountney 14, Eastman 17, Fiddy 0, Stacy 0, Bennett 10, Curtis (not out) 9, Knights 6, extras 10; total, 114.

Dr. Law's Eleven — Dr. Law 15-2, Dr. Williams 4-0, Surgeon-Major Crofts 0-5, Allatson 2-3, Walker 0-2, Whatley 2-3, Southgate 3-0, Parker 0-4, Bugdale 0-0, Cawthorne 0-0, Barton (not out) 5-0 (not out), extras, 3-5; totals, 34-24.