Earth and Its Movements

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On tuesday 12 february 1884, Arthur Conan Doyle attended and spoke at the Portsmouth Literary and Scientific Society (PLSS) meeting held at the Penny-street Lecture Hall (Portsmouth) about the topic: "Earth and Its Movements".


  • President/Chairman
    • Major-General A. W. Drayson, R.A., F.R.A.S.
  • Speakers
    • Major-General A. W. Drayson (instead of Dr. D. Nicholson) lecturer
    • Mr. H. C. Hurry
    • Dr. W. H. Axford
    • Dr. A. Conan Doyle
    • Dr. J. Ward Cousins
  • Attendees
    • General Playfair, C.B., R.E.
    • General J. W. Cox, C.B.
    • General W. Ramsay
    • General C. L. Nugent
    • General C. T. Catty
    • Surgeon-General J. Lamprey, P.M.O.
    • Rev. W. Bell
    • Rev. W. J. Staynes
    • Colonel Hall
    • Colonel Muskett
    • Major F. S. Terry
    • Captain T. M. Ritchie, R.A.
    • Captain Sutton
    • Fleet-Surgeon G. Kell, R.N.
    • Dr. C. F. Edwards
    • Dr. W. H. Axford
    • Dr. C. C. Claremont
    • Dr. A. Conan Doyle
    • Dr. Walter J. Sykes
    • Dr. B. Guillemard
    • Dr. P. H. Gardner
    • Mr. M. Ollis, R.N.
    • Mr. H. C. Hurry
    • Mr. G. Ollis
    • Mr. J. E. Blakeney
    • Mr. J. Hay, W. Weston
    • Mr. T. Newell
    • Mr. J. A. Wilson, R.N.
    • Mr. E. Byrne
    • Mr. W. Wales
    • Mr. E. G. Cleeve
    • Mr. G. A. Cook, R.N.
    • Dental-Surgeon W. H. Kirton
    • Mr. A. Howell
    • Mr. R. Gorringe, R.N.
    • Mr. W. Milln, R.N.
    • Mr. A. G. Haydon
    • Mr. C. W. Bevis
    • Mr. H. Hagley
    • Mr. F. L. Jones
    • Mr. H. Murrell
    • Mr. W. R. McCallum
    • Mr. R. Constantine
    • Mr. H. A. Sutton
    • Mr. C. F. Burton
    • Mr. M. Somers Gardner
    • Mr. C. Foran
    • Mr. E. Elton
    • Mr. F. Brine
    • Mr. J. Lapthorae
    • Mr. G. F. Bell
    • Dr. J. Ward Cousins (Hon. Sec.)

Conan Doyle contribution

Dr. CONAN DOYLE supported the motion, and mentioned, in regard to Mr. Staynes's suggestion, that in Homer's "Iliad" mention was made of the olive and the vine growing in ancient Greece, so that time temperature of the country then could not have been very different from what it is now.

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