Edalji Case. Statement in the House

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Edalji Case. Statement in the House is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle published in The Daily Telegraph on 29 may 1907.

Edalji Case

The Daily Telegraph (29 may 1907, p. 13)

Statement in the House

To the Editor of "The Daily Telegraph."

Sir — Upon Monday, the 27th, I received a letter and a postcard, both unstamped, from the unknown correspondent whose writing runs right through the whole Edalji affair from 1892 onwards. They were written in pencil, and addressed to me at the Grand Hotel. The letter was in a coarse yellow envelope, gummed up with stamp paper. A crease in both documents seem to show that though marked London, N.W., they may have been sent up under cover, or possibly in somebody's pocket — a railway guard or other — and then posted. Should this be so, one might hope to follow them back to the writer ; and I hereby offer a reward of £20 to anyone who will enable me to say for certain whence they came. I should be much indebted to Midland papers if they would give publicity to the facts. — Yours faithfully,

Grand Hotel, Trafalgar-square, May 28.