Elementary, Mr Holmes (play 1991)

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Elementary, Mr Holmes is a British play written by Robin Kingsland and directed by Roman Stefanski, performed at Polka Theatre for Children (Wimbledon, UK) from 17 april to 1st june 1991, starring Peter Sowerbutts as Sherlock Holmes and Marcia Hewitt as Jo Watson.

This is a play for children aged 8+.



  • Director : Roman Stefanski
  • Playwright : Robin Kingsland
  • Music : David Bryan
  • Lighting and Stage Manager : Thomas Gruber
  • Costumes : Annie James, Lenni Hill
  • Props : Julia Lee-Delisle
  • Set Construction : David Bryan, Cath Binks
  • Design Assistant : Graeme Jones
  • Scene Painters : Michelle Day, Sarah Kane
  • Trainee Director : Orit Azaz
  • Violinist : Julia Antony