Elementary My Dear Viewer

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Elementary My Dear Viewer (2007)

Elementary My Dear Viewer is a British documentary produced and directed by Richard Denton (Scarlet Television), aired on ITV in 2007, starring Richard E. Grant as the presenter and narrator. 46 minutes.

The documentary explores the main facets of Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle with many interviews of experts, authors and actors/actresses from the Granada TV series Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy Brett.

Richard E. Grant, the presenter and narrator, has himself played Sherlock Holmes in 1992 in the TV movie The Other Side, and in 2002 he was Mycroft Holmes in TV movie Sherlock and Jack Stapleton in The Hound of the Baskervilles.

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  • Sir Christopher Frayling, Rector, Royal College of Art
  • Matthew Sweet, Film/TV Critic & Sherlock Aficionado
  • Kim Newman, Author
  • Barbara Young, Actress
  • Jeffrey Deaver, Crime Writer
  • Dame PD James, Novelist
  • Owen Dudley Edwards, Conan Doyle Expert
  • Gyles Brandreth, Author & Sherlock Aficionado
  • Edward Hardwicke, Actor
  • Val McDiarmid, Crime Writer
  • Robert Hardy, Actor
  • Sir Anthony Richards, Sherlock Holmes Society (of London)
  • Nick Rennison, Author of "The Sherlock Holmes Biography"
  • Johnny Hackett, Detective Sergeant, London Met.
  • Denise Black, Actress


  • Director : Richard Denton
  • Producer : Richard Denton
  • Cameras : John Goodyer
  • Sound : John Hooper
  • Researcher : Stephanie Page
  • Production Manager : Francesca MacDonald
  • Post Production : Sumners
  • Editor : Richard Fretwell
  • Executive Producer (ITV3) : Claire Zolkwer
  • Executive Producer : Paula Trafford


  • The Case of the House That Never Was
  • The Case of the Lonely Schoolboy
  • The Case of the Scottish Doctors
  • The Case of the Distinctive Detective
  • The Case of the Unlikely Tale
  • The Case of the Damnably Good Detective
  • The Case of Sherlock's Justice
  • The Case of the Silver Screen
  • The Case of the Homicidal Author
  • The Case of the Everlasting Legacy