Elementary My Dear Watson (TV episode 1973)

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Elementary My Dear Watson (1973)

Elementary My Dear Watson: The Strange Case of the Dead Solicitors is the 3rd episode in season 13 of the British TV show Comedy Playhouse which was a collection of series pilots. Starring John Cleese as Sherlock Holmes and William Rushton as Dr. Watson. Produced by BBC and aired on 18 january 1973. 30 min.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are investigating on the murder of 5 solicitors stabbed in the back and dead in the same exact position. Moriarty is suspected, but eventually it's Fu Manchu that will be arrested. At the same time, Lady Cynthia asked Holmes for help as she is threatened by a rattle snake (being a reference to the Speckled Band), but the detective will never arrive at her house in time and she will die...




  • Director : Harold Snoad
  • Screenplay : N. F. Simpson
  • Visual Effects : John Fiedlander
  • Film Cameraman : Len Newson
  • Film Recordist : Les Collins
  • Film Editor : Mike Crisp
  • Studio Lighting : George Summers
  • Studio Sound : John Delaney
  • Costume : Marjorie Lewis
  • Make Up : Penny Norton
  • Music : Burt Rhodes
  • Design : Raymond Cubick
  • Producer : Barry Took