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F. M. Lupton was an American book publishing company created by Frank Moore Lupton (1854-1910).

In December, 1875 with the F. M. Lupton and Co. imprint, he and two of his friends, Stuart H. Moore and J. Victor Wilson, took over the publishing rights of the literary periodical, Cricket on the Hearth. It was " An illustrated journal of literature, romance, useful knowledge, etc.". This large sized magazine was published by Lupton until it merged with The Ladies' World in 1889.

In 1882, he founded his own company "F. M. Lupton." He incorporated in 1892 and changed the name to "F. M. Lupton Publishing Company."

In 1902 Frank Lupton declared that there was confusion because there were two companies using the same name. One was F. M. Lupton Publishing Company and the other was F. M. Lupton, publisher. Thus, names were changed. The F. M. Lupton Publishing Company became the Federal Book Company whereas F. M. Lupton, publisher stayed in business to mainly print magazines and periodicals.

  • The company was named as:
    • F. M. Lupton and Company (1875~)
    • F. M. Lupton, Publisher (1882-1892)
    • F. M. Lupton Publishing Company (1892-1902)
    • The Federal Book Company (1902-1904) for books
    • F. M. Lupton, Publisher (1902-1929) for magazines

Between 1893 and 1898, the company published 8 novels and 3 short stories written by Arthur Conan Doyle.

F. M. Lupton also published a magazine called Good Literature with some Conan Doyle's works.

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Conan Doyle published by The Federal Book Company