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Les Débuts de Sherlock Holmes (1914)

Jules Rouff & Cie (and later F. Rouff) was a French publishing company founded by Jules Rouff (18-19) in 1873 and closed in 1982. In 1881-1882, when Jules Ferry made primary education in France mandatory, Jules Rouff felt a futur major increase of new readers, and he started popular publications, easy to read and cheap. In 1912, the company was liquidated but relaunched in may 1913 by Rouff's son, Frédéric Rouff as Frédéric Rouff, éditeur (F. Rouff) with, in paricular, the series « La Grande Collection Nationale, » followed by « La Nouvelle Collection Nationale. »

Jules Rouff also published a weekly magazine Mon Dimanche with Conan Doyle content between 1903 and 1913.

Conan Doyle published by F. Rouff

La Grande Collection Nationale




Nouvelle Collection Nationale