Financial Statement of American Tour

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Financial Statement of American Tour is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle first published in The Two Worlds on 4 august 1922, and reprinted in Light on 5 august 1922 as Practical Results of a Great Mission.


  • in The Two Worlds (4 august 1922 [UK])
  • in Light (5 august 1922 [UK]) as Practical Results of a Great Mission

Financial Statement of American Tour (The Two Worlds, 4 august 1922)


Practical Results of a Great Mission (Light, 5 august 1922)

Light (5 august 1922, p. 488)

To the Editor of Light.


I should be obliged if you would give me space in which I may give some account of the financial results of my American tour. I do not believe in announcing from the platform that you are taking no money for lecturing, and then leaving the public to find out for themselves whether you have been as good as your word. I keep my spiritual funds in a separate account, and it is always open to independent audit if anyone would wish to test my own statements.

The expenses of the expedition were heavy, as we were a party of seven and prices are very high in America. None the less in two months of actual lecturing I was able to show a profit of nearly £1,500. Some of this I have had to reserve for possible contingent expenses. Meanwhile I have distributed the following sums:—

£ s. d.
London Spiritualist Alliance 300 0 0
National Spiritualist Union 300 0 0
Superannuated Médiums' Fund 1 00 0 0
Spiritualist Charities 100 0 0
American Spiritual and Psychic Societies 104 0 0
Psychic College 52 10 0
Hardinge Britten Memorial 50 0 0
St. Thomas' Hospital 25 0 0
Poor Officers' Fund 10 0 0
S.S.S.P. 10 10 0
Spiritual Churches 30 10 0
The Stead Bureau 50 0 0
London Spiritual Mission 50 0 0
"Psychic Gazette" 20 0 0
Spiritualist Lecturer (subsidy) 25 0 0
£1,227 10 0

Yours faithfully,

Arthur Conan Doyle.

July 28th, 1922.