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Fictional character.

In the Sherlock Holmes stories

Inspector Forbes, by Sidney Paget


  • Forbes was a small, foxy man, with a sharp but by no means amiable expression. (NAVA, 431)


  • The alarm had reached Scotland Yard, and Mr. Forbes, the detective, came round at once and took up the case with a great deal of energy. (NAVA, 248)

Relationship with Holmes

  • Forbes was not nice to Holmes : « I've heard of your methods before now, Mr. Holmes. You are ready enough to use all the information that the police can lay at your disposal, and then you try to finish the case yourself and bring discredit upon them. » And Holmes replied : « On the contrary,' said Holmes; 'out of my last fifty-three cases my name has only appeared in four, and the police have had all the credit in forty-nine. » (NAVA, 433)