Foreign Policy

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Ad in The Morning Post (5 june 1893, p. 6)
Review in The Era (10 june 1893, p. 8)

Foreign Policy is a play written by Arthur Conan Doyle, produced by Charles Charrington, first performed at Terry's Theatre (London, UK) from 3 to 9 june 1893.

The theatre was giving a "Quintuple Bill" with 5 one-act plays by English authors (20 minutes each), Foreign Policy acted as curtain-raiser before Bud and Blossom (by Lady Colin Campbell), An Interlude (by W. K. Clifford and W. H. Pollock), The Three Wayfarers (by Thomas Hardy) and Becky Sharp (by J. M. Barrie).

The play is based on Arthur Conan Doyle's own short story: A Question of Diplomacy (1892).




  • 3, 6-9 june 1893 : Terry's Theatre (London, UK)
  • 1910 : Marlborough Theater (Holloway, UK) as A Question of Diplomacy