Funny Fundis

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Die 4 Da (2007)

Funny Fundis (i.e. Funny Fundamentalists) is the 2nd episode of first season of the German TV series Die 4 Da aired on 1st march 2007. 27 minutes.

This parodic show is about the coexistence of 3 fundamentalists (Catholic, Muslim and Jew). There is 5 interludes (overall 2 min. 40) where Sir Arthur Onan Coyle (sic), a professor of comparative religion, is commenting the show with a scientific point of view. Onan Coyle is performed by Erwin Steinhauer.





  • Arthur Onan Coyle / Tewje Katzenkopfpflaster / Martin (Catholic fundamentalist) : Erwin Steinhauer
  • Daniel Hinterbrühl / Shlomo (Jew fundamentalist) : Rupert Henning
  • Heinz Teschek / Yusuf (Muslim fundamentalist) : Thomas Maurer
  • Tom Ingwer : Florian Scheuba


  • Director : David Schalko
  • Screenplay : Rupert Henning, Thomas Maurer, Florian Scheuba