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Charité, season 1 (2017)
Charité, Götterdämmerung

Götterdämmerung (Downfall of the Gods) is the 5th episode in the 1st season of the German TV series Charité (Charity), aired on 11 april 2017, starring Michael Pitthan as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 50 minutes.

Motivated by the illness of his own wife Louisa, Arthur Conan Doyle comes to Berlin to attend Dr. Koch demonstration about his new drug, the tubercullin, supposed to cure the tuberculosis. Unfortunately, when tested on human patients the drug has the reverse effect of accelerating the disease.

Based on real facts. In november 1890, Arthur Conan Doyle visited Berlin (including the Charité Hospital) to investigate claim by German physician Robert Koch that he has found a cure for tuberculosis. The difficulty to find a ticket to attend the conference is true. And as well, he did write an article against Koch on his return to England, see Dr. Koch and his Cure.


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  • Director : Sönke Wortmann
  • Screenplay : Dorothee Schön, Sabine Thor-Wiedemann
  • Producers : Henriette Lippold, Michal Pokorny
  • Executive Producer : Benjamin Benedict, Markus Brunnemann, Nico Hofmann
  • Cinematography : Ingmar Süberkrüb
  • Film Editing : Holly Fink
  • Production Design : Nina Haun
  • Art Direction : Bernd Lepel
  • Set Decoration : Tobias Frank
  • Costume Design : Nancy Vogel
  • Makeup : Esther Walz, Gregor Eckstein, Jeanette Latzelsberger