George Serov

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George Serov as Dr. Watson in Der Hund von Baskerville (1929)

George Serov [1] (1894 - 24 september 1929) was a Russian actor who played Dr. Watson in the movie Der Hund von Baskerville on 28 august 1929 with Carlyle Blackwell Sr. as Sherlock Holmes.

He was the son of the artist Valentin Serov and grandson of the composer Alexander Serov. He was the pupil of the theatre director and actor Evgeny B. Vakhtangov. Later he joined the Prague group of the Moscow Art Theater. Critics called it a subtle master of the grotesque and considered second only to Michael Chekhov. Michael Chekhov called him his teacher. In 1925, he staged plays and acted in films. Successfully he played in the French theater "Atelier". There is mention of the fact that Serov died in Paris, "reaching glory."


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  • Acknowledgment: Alexande Orlov.