Germany and the World Markets

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Germany and the World Markets is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle first published in The Times on 5 january 1925.

Germany and the World Markets

The Times (5 january 1925, p. 8)


Sir, — The enclosed extract from the letter of a friend who is a prominent American manufacturer should be of interest to British business men:—

When you come in contact with Englishmen in the industrial world, warn them that the Germans are preparing in every possible may to capture the world markets. I will give you examples of how we see this here.

We have developed a process of making iron castings in permanent moulds, on automatic machines. This is, of course, new and revolutionary, and this will change the entire method of making iron castings. Different German men have come here from different German men have come here from different firms to see the process, with the result that they have either tried to hire our men away from us, men who knew the details of the process, or they have tried to get all the information possible to help them to duplicate the process. The main point is that there has not been a single Englishman or Frenchman in our plant.

The ————— motor company also has processes which are highly perfected and ahead of the times, and we find that there is a continual stream of Germans here to see these processes and get all possible information pertaining to same, but no French or English. We note by reports the circulation of Germans in large numbers all through the industries in other countries, and it is plain that they are preparing in every possible way to put themselves in advance of the rest.

Yours faithfully,

Grindelwald, Dec. 29.