Grammar School F.P. Theatricals

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Grammar School F.P. Theatricals are 2 photos published in the Aberdeen Daily Journal on 11 december 1913.

Announcing the performance of The Speckled Band in Aberdeen.

F.P. = Forme' Pupils'.


Aberdeen Daily Journal (11 december 1913, p. 5)

To-night performance of "The Speckled Band".

From left to right — Miss Daisy Morgan (Enid Stonor); Mr W. G. Craigen (Sherlock Holmes); Mr James A. Morgan (Ali, the Indian valet); and J. H. N. Craigen (Dr Rylott).

From left to right — Mr Harold Millar (Dr. Watson); Miss Florence Shirras (Mrs Staunton, housekeeper); Mr P. B. Simpson (Rodgers, butler); Mr E. W. H. Brander (Mr Longbrace, coroner); Mr W. S. Morgan (Mr Armitage, juror).