Grammar School v. M.C.C.

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Grammar School v. M.C.C. is a cricket score result published in The Bedfordshire Times and Independent on 10 july 1903.

Arthur Conan Doyle's team (M.C.C.) won by 168 runs.

Grammar School v. M.C.C.

The Bedfordshire Times and Independent (10 july 1903, p. 8)

This annual fixture took place on the School Ground on Wednesday, when the M.C.C. brought down a strong team, including the creator of Sherlock Holmes, Sir A. Conan Doyle. This fact added interest to the game, especially to the schoolboys, who were most anxious to see in the flesh the genius who made their beloved Sherlock. The School batted first, but when only 2 runs had been made, the first wicket fell. There were no less than eight down for 67, and then a fine stand was made by Milton and Barrand, the score being taken to 123 before the School captain was dismissed. However, the whole side was out for 139. A feature of the game was the magnificent work of Murrell behind the wickets, and he was generally pronounced one of the finest wicket-keepers seen on the School ground. Metcalfe and Butcher opened for the M.C.C. against the bowling or Joyce and Webb, the latter sending Metcalfe back for a duck. Hill went in and made 17, then falling to Joyce. Sherlock Holmes was the next in, and his movements were followed with interest, but he was unfortunately caught at point by Joyce, where the fielded himself, off the first ball he received from Webb. Thus there were three wickets down for 29. Then Butcher was joined by Murrell, who came with the reputation of being a big hitter. He certainly justified that reputation, for rarely has there been seen such hitting as he displayed. In one over he hit five successive boundaries, and a few overs later did the same, with the addition of a hard drive lot two off the sixth ball — 42 in two overs! Alexander, Barrand, Peel, and Milton had turns with the leather, but Murrell treated them all alike. He only gave one chance, sending a ball straight up in the air off Alexander, which Muirhead failed to take. His score then was 109, and he had scored 141 before he was caught. His score included 29 fours, one 3, and 5 twos. The partnership had realised no less than 211, the score being 240 four wickets. Just after 300 had appeared on the board, Butcher completed hit century, but he was out at 188, the M.C.C. declaring their innings closed for 305 for five wickets. Scores:—


  • F M Joyce, st Murrell, b Overton ... 1
  • M S Brander, b Overton ... 14
  • T S Muirhead, c Overton, b Brown ... 19
  • A J Weller, run out ... 1
  • J G Milton, b Hawkins ... 36
  • H D Orr, b Brown ... 3
  • G P Alexander, st Murrell, b Brown ... 3
  • C B Atkinson, run out ... 3
  • D H Peel, b Brown ... 5
  • H W Barrand, not out ... 34
  • J E N Webb, c Metcalfe, b Overton ... 10
  • Extras ... 10
  • Total ... 139


  • E J Metcalfe, c Milton, b Webb ... 0
  • A Butcher, c Atkinson b Webb ... 108
  • H J Hill, b Joyce ... 17
  • Sir A. Conan Doyle, c Joyce b Webb ... 0
  • H R Murrell, c Brander b Joyce ... 141
  • H Hawkins, not out ... 14
  • Extras ... 29
  • Total (5 wkts.) ... 309

E F Newton, E W Reeves, T H Wilson, Brown (T), and Overton did not bat.