Green Jackets v. Hampshire Rovers

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Green Jackets v. Hampshire Rovers is a cricket result published in the Hampshire Chronicle on 23 august 1890.

The result was a draw.

Green Jackets v. Hampshire Rovers

Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle (23 august 1890, p. 3)

This two days' fixture was commenced at St. Cross on Monday, and was limited to the first day's play (hence a drawn game) on account of the continual downpour of rain on Tuesday. The Rovers first went to the wickets, and two of their representatives were got rid of without a run being registered, but subsequently the fine batting of Capt. Barton (who played a brilliant innings of 101), G. F. Gerds, Major Bethune, and W. Hynes, with a good share of "extras," aided by the dropping of catches and loose fielding, enabled them to run up a score of 261 ere the innings terminated, and when the stumps were drawn the state of the game was as follows:—


  • A. H. Wood, b Shakerley ... 0
  • Dr. Conan Doyle, c Eccles, b Shakerley ... 3
  • E. Hall, c Myers, b Shakerley ... 0
  • Capt. Barton, c Wallace, b Eccles ... 101
  • G. F. Gerds, b Shakerley ... 28
  • Major Bethune, c Eccles, b Boultbee ... 52
  • A. A. Pillans, b Russell ... 2
  • W. Hynes, b Russell ... 43
  • A. S. Hurst, b Russell ... 0
  • F. G. Lamotte, not out ... 4
  • Capt Lipscomb, c Wallace, b Eccles ... 3
  • Byes, &c ... 27
  • Total ... 261


  • Col. Wallace, c Bethune, b Barton ... 4
  • Capt. Boultbee, c Hall, b Pillans ... 5
  • Capt. Russell, c Lamotte, b Barton ... 8
  • W. V. Eccles, not out ... 11
  • Pte. J. Murphy, not out ... 9
  • Bye ... 1
  • Total ... 38

G. H. Shakerley, H. S. Rawlinson, Capt. Maude, Capt. Leslie, Capt. Myers, adn F. A. Irby to bat